Intranet Redesign


Doogle is the internal Intranet for staff at the Ministry of Social Development. This is used to display comms to staff from the Chief Executive, interesting/recent news and most commonly used as a link farm for staff to get to other sites.


The problem with the old intranet state was that the content structure was a mess and there was too much information everywhere giving an overwhelming feel. Feedback from users was typically that they didn’t know where to look and found it hard to find what they needed. There was also limited budget available, so I only received funding to improve content sections on the homepage, not including the header. While I wish it was the whole site, being able to improve a small section of the site was still rewarding. I also faced a technical challenge being that the CMS that the intranet is built on is very limited in what it can produce, so I had to ensure my designs would work with this.

*Please note - some images have been blurred for privacy reasons.


My goal was to break down the content on the homepage into a simpler and more intuitive way. I worked closely with the Communications team (who maintain/update the site) to understand the problems of the homepage and work out a new page structure. I used Google Analytics data to remove links and sections that had barely any engagement in years, as well as highlight those sections with lots of engagement. The old state felt like a mish mash of different designs all put on one page, so I wanted to ensure there was a consistent feel that would be easy to use.

As there were many business groups to keep happy, I began by creating multiple wireframes of sections on the homepage to show the Comms team. I created 3 versions of each the Chief Executive message, Features articles, and the News sections. This almost worked as a ‘pick and choose’ scenario where they chose what would work best for their business groups content. I wanted to make the site as flexible as possible for the Comms team, so that they could sub out/change the content as often as they wanted, with no reliance on my Web team.

Following many meetings, demos, user testing sessions and iterations, we settled on a final version of the wireframe. I took their top picks from the content wireframes, and worked these in with the poll, a new popular applications section and a new version of the ads carousel that would be accessible, as the old state wasn’t.

The main improvements:

  • A highlight on myHR to make it easy for users to get straight to the leave request form
  • Improved content in right-hand side bar
  • Flexibility in content for Comms
  • Removed carousel as not accessible
  • Added popular applications section
  • New footer
  • Te Reo incorporation
  • Consistency
  • I moved on to high fidelity mockups, with my aim being something clean and modern - but this also had to fit in with the rest of the site and existing header on the homepage.

    There are future plans to release another version with an improved header (yay) - however the goal for this release was the focus on tidying up the content below the header with the budget available.